Marine Fire Dampers

Marine Fire Dampers

Marine fire dampers are used in air conditioning and ventilation ductwork onboard yachts, merchant ships, navy vessels and offshore rigs to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas inside the ductwork. In case of fire, the fire and gas dampers will close automatically, preventing additional oxygen to enter the space to fuel and spread a fire. Our fire dampers have been tested and are type-approved according to A-0 (A-60).

AC Dampers

AC dampers can be used where the maximum system pressure is up to 1500 Pa and duct velocities are limited to 15 m/s. They are suitable for vertical and horizontal applications, with airflow in either direction. The dampers have two casings and blade options:

  1. 430 Standard steel blades, galvanized steel casing – only suitable for installation in dry filtered systems.
  2. 316 Standard steel blades, casing and drive – more suited for corrosive conditions, but even this will rapidly corrode and fail if not properly maintained, when used in air intake systems at sea.

HT Dampers

There are four different types of HT fire and gas dampers used in Heinen & Hopman HVAC solutions, including:

  • FDB2 fire and gas dampers, used in offshore, marine and navy ventilation systems.
  • FEX fire and gas dampers, used in offshore, nuclear and navy ventilation systems.
  • FDL fire and gas dampers, used in offshore, marine and navy ventilation systems.
  • FDD fire and gas dampers, used in offshore and marine ventilation systems.

AL Dampers

ALFD fire and gas dampers have a flanged steel casing with opposed blades with thermal expanding gasket.

SF Dampers

Salor offers two types of fire and gas dampers; one for rectangular ducting and one for circular ducting. The blades are made of stainless steel and the frame is made of steel.

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