Marine Air Conditioning

Marine Air Conditioning

Marine air conditioning systems have been our greatest expertise for years. The air conditioning system is extremely important onboard any vessel and conditions the air right into the human comfort zone, even in the most hot and humid climates. Air conditioned air also prevents corrosion, which is of great importance for the quality of onboard materials and equipment.

Since 1965, we have provided over 10.000 vessels with climate control systems across various maritime sectors, including the offshore industry, the yachting sector, the naval sector and the merchant shipping industry.

We have supplied our AC systems for numerous superyachts, navy ships, offshore vessels and platforms, passenger vessels and various types of cargo ships (container shipping, bulk, vehicle transport, oil and gas), among others. Often supplied marine air conditioning systems are:

  • Air handling units
  • Direct expansion system
  • Single duct air conditioning systems
  • Packaged air conditioning units
  • Cabin air conditioning units

Custom-built marine air conditioning

Our greatest expertise is the design of custom-built marine air conditioning. Our number one goal is to make our customers are completely satisfied. We thoroughly investigate our client’s requirements and design the best solution out there. At our manufacturing facility, air conditioning of the highest quality is manufactured. To ensure outstanding performance of the equipment, it is tested at our testing facility as well.

Excellent service is key

As our clients are located all over the world, we have set up a global 24/7 service network. Our employees are available for any inquiries and in case of an equipment malfunction, our fully-equipped service engineers will fix it as soon as possible.

More information about marine air conditioning

If you would like to know more about our marine air conditioning, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are eager to help you and advise you.