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Teknotherm Refrigeration AB
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Teknotherm Refrigeration AB is our subsidiary in Sweden that provides a full range of high quality, standard, as well as tailor-made refrigeration systems for the demanding offshore industry. Their refrigeration systems comply with all major classification societies and standards.


HVAC for offshore installations

Teknotherm Refrigeration AB provides refrigeration systems for any type of fixed or floating offshore installation, such as:

  • Fixed platforms for drilling, production and accommodation
  • Semi-Submersible rigs for drilling, production and accommodation
  • Jack-up drilling and production rigs
  • Floating Production Storage Offloading Vessels
  • Offshore supply vessels

Refrigeration units for air conditioning

Teknotherm’s refrigeration units and systems are highly applicable for installation in air conditioning for accommodations and technical/control rooms etc. Teknotherm Refrigeration AB also supplies a full range of provision refrigeration units for any size or requirement.

A selection of our product range

Teknotherm Refrigeration AB supplies the following products (among many others), both standard and tailor-made:

  • Marine Water Chillers (MWC)
  • Marine Condensing units (MCU)
  • Self-contained units
  • Provision room refrigeration system
  • Tailor made units for hazardous areas, outdoor placement, limited space requirements etc.