Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment (Shanghai) is a subsidiary of Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV in the Netherlands and serves almost the entire shipbuilding and offshore industry in China. From our base in Shanghai we specialize in engineering, system design and solution provision for our clients, with an emphasis on comprehensive and customized projects and equipment.


Marine HVAC for all vessels

We supply a wide range of applications in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration to offshore modules, including jack-up units, windmill installation vessels, FPSO units, patrol supply vessels and cable laying ships. Heinen & Hopman China also supplies all kinds of commercial vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, Ro-Ro ships, multi-purpose vessels, LPGs, LNGs and passenger vessels. Navy vessels such as ocean patrol vessel, training ships and frigates, as well as workboats like dredgers also rely on our services, including:

  • Engineering/system design
  • Production
  • Equipment supply
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Spare parts for vessels equipped with our equipment

From our production facilities in Changshu, Heinen & Hopman China develops, manufactures and tests modern high quality equipment for a variety of applications. Together with Heinen & Hopman Engineering in the Netherlands we develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Address factory Changshu:

No.189 Huang Pujiang Road, Southeast Industrial Park,
Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Post Code:215500