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Heinen & Hopman Italia SRL
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Heinen & Hopman Italia S.r.l. was established in 2009 to offer a dedicated service to the Italian maritime industry. In close cooperation with its mother company in the Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman Italia designs and installs client-specific HVAC systems on superyachts, other vessels and offshore installations.

At the heart of the Italian yachtbuilding industry

The office is strategically situated in La Spezia. This is an ideal location at the heart of the Italian yachtbuilding industry, which is the main focus of the business. Heinen & Hopman Italia provides a wide range of services related to air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, central heating, provision cooling plants and refrigeration.


Nothing but the best

Since the outset Heinen & Hopman Italia has offered an outstanding level of engineering solutions, working in close relation with shipyard technical offices in order to define together the best systems for clients.

As sole contractor, Heinen & Hopman Italia is the only company in the Italian market able to offer complete turnkey delivery for air conditioning systems by direct employees of the Heinen & Hopman group. All staff members are trained and operate at the premium standard for which the brand is renowned.

From the basic engineering process to the final delivery to the owner, Heinen & Hopman Italia keeps total control over the project with our own team.

The production facility

  • Ventilation/AC system equipment/items: Rectangular ducts, rectangular sound dampers (0.8 – 8 mm thickness), louvres with hatches, goosenecks, mushrooms, round and rectangular penetrations, different types of galvanised/STS grids
  • Steel work: Metal sheeting for exhaust pipes including T.O. boiler, economiser, silencer (galvanised plate, aluminium plate, etc.) STUCO for walls and ceilings (galvanised, perforated steel sheet, etc.)

HVAC systems

  • Chilled water and Freon systems
  • Central heating systems
  • Ventilation/AC system (fan mounting, fan foundations)
  • Ventilation and AC ducts/supply and mix boxes
  • Fitting of cabin unit , grids, exhaust nozzles, louvres, etc.
  • Mounting of insulated and uninsulated spiro pipe with all connections
  • Provision cooling plant – equipment and installing of PCP including ARMAFLEX insulation.

Superior Service

Italia provides assistance for standard & corrective maintenance, commissioning and testing of your HVAC systems by highly trained engineers who are deployed on Heinen & Hopman group projects all over the world.

Spare Parts

Heinen & Hopman Italia also offers and delivers spare parts for your HVAC systems.

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