H&H HVAC and Refrigeration for Yachts

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H&H HVAC and Refrigeration for Yachts

No matter how much is spent on interior decoration, fabulous facilities and high-tech luxury, the ambience onboard a superyacht largely depends on the air-conditioning. Although large chunks of the sailing season are spent in hot climates, owners and guests expect to chill out when they step indoors. Similarly, as more adventurous owners explore remote and cold areas, the heat very much needs to be on-board. These demands have to be balanced against the perennial struggle for space on a superyacht. The air conditioning system must take up as little of the precious real estate as possible. Another key consideration on these oating places is noise and vibration. Quite simply, the air treatment equipment needs to be unnoticeable in every way.

Heinen & Hopman has the solution.

Over the last three decades we have garnered enormous experience in creating the perfect environment onboard a yacht. Our expertise and long-time involvement in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of customised air handling systems has paid dividends for countless owners. We have also introduced many key innovations over the years, such as the Heinen & Hopman frequency controller for fan coils. Virtually all the world’s leading yards have been our customers for many years.

Fine products must be backed up by superlative after-sales services. For your convenience, Heinen & Hopman maintains representatives all over the world, assuring you of 24/7 support wherever you may choose to cruise. Our main facilities in the yachting hotspots of Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Antibes, La Ciotat, La Spezia, Istanbul, Barcelona and Mallorca will provide you with immediate service and maintenance… Guaranteed.

When required to navigate to regions with extreme climates far from supply lines, it’s important to know you can rely on your HVAC system no matter what.
Michel Veltman - Sales Manager