HVAC Supplier for the Marine & Offshore Industry

HVAC Supplier for the Marine & Offshore Industry

As an HVAC supplier to the marine and offshore industry over the past 50 years, Heinen & Hopman has built a great expertise in developing exceptionally durable and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. At sea, vessels and offshore rigs often face extreme weather, ranging from tropical environments to arctic temperatures. Heinen & Hopman supplies custom-built HVAC solutions for these challenging environments. The company provides these systems for four maritime industries.

HVAC supplier for yachts

In the yachting industry it’s key that the HVAC systems are basically unnoticeable whilst keeping the onboard climate perfectly comfortable. We aim to meet these requirements by designing whisper-quiet (35 –  40 dB(A)) and draught-free systems of the highest quality. Furthermore we use oil-free Turbocor compressors which reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

HVAC supplier for offshore rigs

During the extraction of oil and gas from earth’s crust larger or smaller quantities of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) may be released. Our H2S air filtration system provides clean filtered fresh air, free from H2S contaminates in an overpressure refuge. Our HVAC systems can be supplied in an explosion proof execution as well.

HVAC supplier for merchant vessels

The merchant shipping industry faces challenging restriction concerning the use of Heavy Fuel Oil. Our Marine Gas Oil Cooler allows the use of MGO by cooling down the fuel and, consequently, increase fuel viscosity. This ensures an optimal protection for any type of engine when fuel is switched from HFO to MGO.

HVAC supplier for navy vessels

Navy vessels need to be able to cope with the hazard of nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. Our NBC filtration system create a safe operating environment, ensuring the optimal performance of the crew and electronic equipment.

HVAC Parts

Heinen & Hopman supplies HVAC spare parts as well. Our marine parts are available through an efficient spare parts service. All stocked items are dispatched the same day to ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime of your installed equipment.

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