Heinen & Hopman signs MOU with Saab/Damen

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Heinen & Hopman signs MOU with Saab/Damen
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Heinen & Hopman signs MOU with Saab/Damen

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding took place last week at the NIDV Exhibition with Damen/Saab in support of the Walrus replacement submarine program.

The Royal Netherlands Navy owns four Walrus-class diesel-electric submarines which entered the fleet in the early nineties. The Royal Netherlands Navy has started the preparation of a replacement program for the Walrus-class submarines. Contracts for the submarine construction are expected to be awarded in 2021 with the first submarine arriving in 2027.

Already in 2015, Damen entered into a partnership with Saab foreseeing the opportunities that would arise with the replacement of the Dutch submarines. With the signing of the MOU, the parties have expressed their intention to further discuss and explore the possibilities for a mutual successful and fruitful cooperation. Heinen & Hopman has a very well proven track record in the international maritime industry with more than 15.000 vessels supplied with their highly sophisticated and capable HVAC systems. Over forty navies around the globe operate with a Heinen & Hopman HVAC system onboard their vessels.