Heinen & Hopman acquires Air Cold

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Heinen & Hopman acquires Air Cold
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Heinen & Hopman acquires Air Cold

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L. in Barcelona, Spain, has announced the acquisition of Air Cold S.L.U. in Mallorca, Spain. With this acquisition, Heinen & Hopman can better serve their clients in the Balearics.

Air Cold has been delivering high-quality services and products supporting the nautical industry in the Balearic area for over 30 years. It has built a good network of customers, vendors, and employees with high expertise. The company is active in the same field similar to Heinen & Hopman Ibérica. “I am proud of what we have accomplished at Air Cold over the years,” states Juan Narváez, President Air Cold. “We have a great team of technicians and support staff and have built upon a foundation of long-term relationships with loyal customers over high standards, innovative problem solving, and mutual trust. Merging Air Cold with Heinen & Hopman is a case where the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. I am confident that Heinen & Hopman will move the flag to the next level with their resources at the corporate level that will enhance our depth of talent, local industry knowledge, and experience,” Juan adds.

Stronger together

Air Cold is considered as a great asset to the Heinen & Hopman Group, according to Armando Maya, Managing Director of Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L. “This will be our next step to achieve our growth goals within the Maritime HVAC market in the Balearics. Delivering exceptional services and reliable products to the customers in a demanding environment has always been the priority for Heinen & Hopman Ibérica, as well as the Heinen & Hopman Group, which has had a presence in the marine HVAC & R field for over 55 years in the Netherlands and in the globe through its subsidiaries. We are aiming to exceed customer expectations by strengthening our operations, increasing production capacities, and expanding our service capabilities as a continuous process. Therefore, I am so excited about merging two trusted companies under the Heinen & Hopman brand and blending dual know-how with expertise. We will be stronger together to achieve our long-term goals with the synergy that we are creating,” says Armando.

Sharing the same thoughts, Juan Narváez states, “I’ve had a good run, but it’s time for me to move on to the next phase of my life and turn the company over to someone with the resources and drive to improve on what we have built. I have gotten to know Armando over the last couple of years. He is committed to maintaining the high standards the industry has come to expect from Heinen & Hopman and Air Cold.