Boat engine room ventilation

Boat engine room ventilation

Boat engine room ventilation is crucial for well-functioning systems. It’s not only the weather that can raise the temperature onboard, equipment such as engines generate an exceptional amount of heat as well. Thus, a proper boat engine room ventilation system is essential to remove this heat and control the hot spots. This minimizes the chances of engine room overheating and damage to engines, generators, cooling and electrical systems is prevented. Ventilation in the engine room enables the boat’s engines to work more efficiently and powerful, while extending the mechanical life of the equipment.

Bespoke boat engine room ventilation

Heinen & Hopman’s expertise is to provide our clients with custom-made ventilation systems, offering solutions to their needs. We have equipped more than 10.000 vessels with bespoke HVAC systems over the past fifty years. Our systems are accurately designed, manufactured, commissioned, and additionally benefitting from our global service network. We can design, manufacture, and install boat engine room ventilation for any type of vessel and offshore installation, anywhere in the world. We have designed engine room ventilation for navies, commercial shipping vessels, and yacht ventilation as well.

Worldwide 24/7 service

We also offer 24/7 service and global spare parts availability so you can contact us at any time you may need our assistance.