Our vision


Looking ahead together

At Heinen & Hopman we strongly believe that the growth of our customer relationships and our business depends on the innovation and globalization of our products, services and business processes. Being in an international business, it is very important to be close to our clients, to be able to provide service to them whenever and wherever they may find themselves. Constant improvement of our services and know-how is essential to our expertise in the field of climate control

Excellent service ensures success

Over 45 years of experience have showed us that offering our clients excellent service ensures our own success. We are continuously working to develop and provide knowledge, personalised service and proactive advice to our clients before, during and after the development of a solution.

Our vision of innovation and globalisation is also motivated by the conviction that we must find creative and sustainable ways for present and future challenges and customer needs.

”Our vision is to provide the best HVAC services in the world,
by keep expanding our global network
and by offering more innovative and sustainable solutions.”

In our opinion, the future of
air conditioning will revolve around: