Heinen & Hopman encourages a more sustainable world. By providing eco-friendly solutions and services we offer our clients the option of reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. You can recognize the best ecological choices in our product range by our manifesto approved logo.

Your world, our world

Sustainability is a crucial consideration for producers and consumers alike. Government regulations are becoming stricter, and businesses aim to save costs by improving efficiency while operating more ecologically. Clients are also becoming more aware of their responsibilities and the importance of environmental awareness to creating a better future for us all. With this in mind, Heinen & Hopman has drafted a Green Manifesto, and we are working hard to develop smart ways to expand our line of eco-friendly products for energy savings and lower emissions.

Our efforts

Deploying all the experience and knowledge of our team, we stay on top of the innovations and regulations important to the improvement of our products. Heinen & Hopman also listens carefully to client needs and advises on the option to choose our green products and solutions. This is why it is very important that we are involved in the earliest stages of the development of a vessel or platform’s smart design and building solutions can make a major difference in the way in which energy is saved onboard.

Green Manifesto & logo

Our Green Manifesto does not just describe our view on sustainability and its importance to the company. It also aims to increase awareness within our industry of the importance of being ‘green’. With this in mind, we have also created a logo which can be found on our sustainable products and systems and relevant information materials. This helps increase awareness of how we are investing in improving our services for a better and more efficient tomorrow.

Green manifesto


Whitepaper Sustainable HVAC Design

When it comes to sustainability our most obvious focus is on measures designed to keep energy use as low as possible. But that’s only half the story because there are various other areas in which we contribute to an eco-friendlier sector. This whitepaper describes six ways to improve the sustainability of maritime HVAC systems.