HVAC Control System Lifetime

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HVAC Control System Lifetime
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HVAC control system lifetime

If you have a Heinen & Hopman system controlling your onboard climate than chances are big that a PLC and HMI are at the heart of your control system.

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an industrial computer that runs a custom program to control your Chiller, Air Handling Units, Provision Cooling system or any other HVAC related controls. An HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a touchscreen used to interface with the PLC and display readings and alarms.

The manufacturer guarantees availability for a certain period, but at some point, a series of controllers will get replaced by its successor.

Although an Heinen & Hopman PLC or HMI is very reliable and durable – as with all electronic equipment – there is a limit to its expected service life. After all, they are not built to last forever. High ambient temperatures inside a control panel can drastically shorten the life expectancy.

Of course, having a proper spares stock will help you in cases where a PLC breaks down. But what if the spare box is empty and you find that the PLC is not available anymore to order?

What we recommend

If you have a Heinen & Hopman control system of more than 10 years old, we recommend getting yourself informed with the availability and expected discontinuation of your system’s PLCs, so you can well plan ahead for a good moment to get your system upgraded.

When 15 years old or older, your HVAC system is probably running on equipment and components no longer commercially available. This means replacement is no longer an option. An unexpected break down during a charter or owner’s trip can be disastrous!

Upgrading a PLC involves not only its replacement, but usually also a significant design change: different wiring, interfaces, and dimensions to name a few. Besides, next to a PLC, power supplies and frequency drives have probably also reached the end of their service life. A new control system also offers a good opportunity to enhance your system with new options for energy savings, remote control or a new monitoring system. All together is why it is very important to be able to plan the time needed for such a control upgrade.

At Heinen & Hopman we can tell what system you have and most systems can even be remotely diagnosed. Contact us for a free remote diagnose of your system, don’t wait for that unpleasant surprise.

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