Teknotherm to supply HVAC for Hurtigruten’s Polar Cruise Vessels

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Teknotherm to supply HVAC for Hurtigruten’s Polar Cruise Vessels
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Teknotherm to supply HVAC systems for Hurtigruten’s new Polar Cruise Vessels

Subsidiary: Teknotherm Marine HVAC
Shipyard: Kleven Verft
IMO No.: t.b.a.
Name Vessel: t.b.a.
Owner: Hurtigruten
Delivery Year: 2018/2019
Country of Build: Norway
Ship Design: Rolls-Royce NVC 2140
Vessel Type: Polar Cruise Vessel
Length: 140.0 m.

We are proud to announce that Teknotherm will supply the complete HVAC systems and Provision Cooling Plant for up to four new Polar Cruise Ships for Hurtigruten, to be built by Norwegian shipyard Kleven Verft. These Polar cruise vessels will be deployed in Arctic and Antarctic areas and are designed by Rolls-Royce Marine in Norway, and customised specifically for adventure-rich expedition voyages.


Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing global tourist trends and has witnessed an increase of 195% over just two years. The new state-of-the-art vessels offer a host of activities for adventure seekers, from climbing and kayaking to rib-tours, whale and sea eagle safaris.

Prioritising Sustainability

Hurtigruten prioritises sustainability, and the new ships will be equipped with advanced environmentally-friendly technology to reduce emissions, underlining its vision of playing a lead role when it comes to green shipping. Using energy recovery solutions and energy-efficient equipment in the HVAC systems, Teknotherm contributes to the ‘greenness’ of the ships.

Design Conditions

The following design conditions were requested:

Outside-Inside Tropical

Outside: 32˚C – 90% R.H.
Inside: 21 – 27˚C / 30 – 60% R.H.

Outside-Inside Arctic

Outside: -25˚C
Inside: 18 – 24˚C / 30 – 60% R.H.

Scope of supply

Our latest innovation, the CFU-500 Enigma Cabin Fan Coil Units (CFCU), will be supplied for this project. These CFCUs combine state-of-the-art energy recovery with maximum comfort for the passengers. This system drastically reduces the number of AHUs, size of the chillers and ducting needed onboard.


The following equipment will be supplied:

  • Air Conditioning for all accommodation spaces
  • Engine room fans
  • Fans for technical rooms
  • Chilled water systems
  • Automation systems

Like to know more?

For more information about our innovative HVAC systems for cruise vessels, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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*Illustration courtesy by Rolls-Royce Marine