Service and Maintenance Contract for Eneco Wind Luchterduinen

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Service and Maintenance Contract for Eneco Wind Luchterduinen
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Service and Maintenance Contract for Eneco Wind Luchterduinen

Heinen & Hopman secured a five year contract to supply 24/7 service and maintenance for Eneco project Luchterduinen. Eneco Luchterduinen is a wind farm located 23 kilometres off the west coast of the Netherlands, between Noordwijk and Zandvoort. The wind farm will supply wind power to almost 150.000 households. Generating power in this sustainable way yields a CO2 emission reduction of 275.000 tonnes. The wind farm has been built during 2014 – 2015 and consists of 43 turbines. Luchterduinen has been fully operational since September 2015.

Wind power

Unlike burning fossil fuels, wind power doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Wind power is plentiful, renewable, clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.

Installation of the OHVS at Luchterduinen. Source: Eneco

The importance of HVAC for wind farms

Heinen & Hopman supplied the HVAC system for wind farm Luchterduinen. HVAC is especially important for the Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS), which is essential for getting offshore wind power back to shore. The OHVS receives the electricity generated by the turbines (collective power = 129 MW) and transforms it from 33 kV to 150 kV before transmission back to shore. The OHVS is equipped with many transformers, GIS and switchgears, which generate significant amounts of heat. This heat needs to be dissipated from the area in order to prevent overheating and failures of the OHVS. Cooling is essential for proper functioning of the vital parts of the substation and wind turbines.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the HVAC systems for cooling of the electrical high voltage components minimizes the risk of early failures. The offshore wind industry knows too well that the cost of repairing electrical High Voltage components can escalate rapidly if effective regular maintenance on the HVAC cooling system is not carried out. Heinen & Hopman provides frequent maintenance in the early years of operation to support a reliability-centered maintenance.

By detecting potential problems in an early stage, we can prevent system failure and minimize down-time. Therefore, we offer our clients a special service & maintenance contract and, for assistance at all times, 24/7 service contracts. We thoroughly investigate how we can save on maintenance costs and customize the contract for every client individually.

What are the benefits?

–         Preventing unnecessary costs due to downtime of the HVAC

–         Optimum climate control

–         Maximum efficiency of the equipment

–         If necessary, we keep certain spares in stock for the client

Clients with a 24/7 service and maintenance contract receive a personal emergency telephone number. Dependent on the type of contract and the agreed conditions, Heinen & Hopman will come in action as soon as possible or even immediately.

Interested in 24/7 Service and Maintenance?

Do you want our service engineers to be available for assistance at any time? Get in touch with Hans van Gemeren, manager 24/7 Service, for more information about the possibilities of a 24/7 service & maintenance contract.

Hans van Gemeren
+31 3299 2500