Heinen & Hopman Singapore’s Teambuilding Trip

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Heinen & Hopman Singapore’s Teambuilding Trip
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Heinen & Hopman Singapore’s Teambuilding Trip

Heinen & Hopman Singapore has booked many successes in the last couple of years. Since the reorganization in 2008, Arthur Chay and Elvin Chua run the company with a lot of passion and great aspirations; becoming the #1 HVAC contractor for the Singaporean marine and offshore market.

Arthur Chay speaks about one of the tools he uses to keep his personnel motivated and to make sure they share the same vision and aspirations. Arthur Chay tells: “To motivate workers within an organization, team building and team work are very important. Unity is strength. If all employees in a company work harmoniously, then productivity will be increased and job quality will be maintained.” These wise words were put into practice recently by organizing a team building trip to one of Indonesia’s islands, namely the island Bintan. Bintan is located in the South China Sea and is only a short boat ride away from Singapore.

The Heinen & Hopman Singapore staff participated in special teambuilding games, which foster bonding amongst the staff. The trip was a great success and cultivated a very strong team spirit within the company’s staff. This resulted in a strong camaraderie amongst all employees.