H2S filtration unit

H2S filtration unit

H2S filters have been developed in order to protect the crew from the poisonous gas sulphide. During the extraction of oil and gas from the various depths within the earth’s crust larger or smaller quantities of hydrogen sulphide may be released. As the result of leaky joints on any of the pipes on a platform, or during cleaning of the oil or gas, this poisonous gas can escape into the surrounding areas and thus becomes a serious threat for the crew.

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The danger of H2S

A concentration of 500 ppm (0.05 vol.%) produces unconsciousness with just a few breaths. 1000 ppm (0.1 vol.%) are fatal within a few minutes and a concentration of 5000 ppm (0.5 vol.%) proves fatal within seconds.

H2S air filtration system

Our H2S air filtration system provides clean filtered fresh air, free from H2S contaminates in an overpressure refuge. Three levels of filtration (coalescer, dust, and composite filtration) are applied to incoming air before being supplied to the refuge. The overpressure refuge removes the need for occupants to wear gas masks and protective clothing during H2S release. Two modes of operation allows clean fresh air to be supplied during normal operation, and filtered fresh air during H2S release.

The control system constantly compares inside and outside pressures, and should the refuge pressurization fail, a visual and/or audible warning is provided.

Key features

  • Very high removal efficiency
  • Engineered approach to elimination of leaks
  • Media contained in user refillable cells
  • Pre- and after- filtration
  • Wide range of operational temperatures [-32°C to +45°C]
  • Easy service and maintenance access;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Completely closed system;
  • Doors equipped with end switches
  • Custom designed capacities

More information about H2S Filtration

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H2S Air Filtration Unit

During the extraction of oil and gas from the various depths within the Earth’s crust larger or smaller quantities
of hydrogen sulphide may also be released.

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