Axial Fans (HUA and VLA)

Axial Fans (HUA and VLA)

The high-performance HUA-S / HUA-L (medium pressure) and VLA (high pressure, with outlet guide vanes) axial fans convey clean and slightly dusty air. Made of a highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the impellers ensure high efficiency and low noise levels. 30 fan types are available with flow rates up to 225.000 m³/h and pressures up to 2,200 Pa. Comprehensive accessories and special designs allow easy adaptation to the most diverse requirements.

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Made of steel, welded, with rolled flanges on both sides according to DIN 82330 and welded motor bracket. Optimal surface protection thanks to hot-dip galvanizing. Special coatings and casing thickness of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm are available on request. HUA-S fans have a short casing. HUA-L fans have a long casing. The casings of the VLA type fans have outlet guide vanes.

Impeller – HUA

High-performance axial impeller. Hub and impeller blades made of a highly corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy (sea-water-proof). Blades are adjustable at standstill. Easy to assemble shaft/hub connection. Dynamically balanced.

Impeller – VLA

Impeller is infinitely adjustable at standstill. Aero-foil section blades made of high-tensile aluminium cast alloy DN 315-1120. DN 1250 with corrosion-resistant polygon hub. Easy-to-assemble shaft/hub connection with taper lock bush. High-strength hollow-profiled blades of sheet steel. Dynamically balanced.

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Axial fans – HUA and VLA fans

With our wide range of fans, we can offer you the ultimate ventilation system for each situation. Our high quality fans are designed to withstand all climate conditions. The fans comply with all requisite class and government regulations.

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