Heinen & Hopman Produzione SRL

Heinen & Hopman Produzione SRL
Via Palmiro Togliatti 2019037 Santo Stefano Magra (SP)Italy+39 0187 1878500info@it.heinenhopman.com
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Established in 2019 in order to satisfy the increasing request for ducts and special parts, Heinen & Hopman Produzione offers a new 1000 sqm. workshop which can produce high-quality ducting and more.

Thanks to cutting-edge software we are able to cooperate together with the customer in order to design and produce a great range of components. From the easiest rectangular duct to more complex components.

The staff is highly qualified and able to operate with suitable equipment in accordance with the different types of processing.

Heinen & Hopman Produzione wants to guarantee:

  • High quality
  • Efficiency
  • Celerity